These are stories and images from shoots or projects that I've been involved with. Some are personal, others commercial and the images have been used far and wide


The Anchorage is something special. A remarkable home, beautifully created and lovingly decorated. These photographs are from several shoots at the property

West Coast winter

A trip up the West Coast of South Africa between Elandsbaaii and Lamberts Bay

Fire and Ice Cape Town

African Pride Fire and Ice! Cape Town is one of Cape Towns premier stylish hotel. Busy, bustling and has a lovely vibe to it.


Around the Kakapo

location gallery

Location Gallery is a

CTS Ready to Run 2014

CTS Sales in the CTICC young racehorses are on display and then sold to begin their lives as potential racehorses. The few best ones will become masters of their game

San Martino

Blog images for San Martino

Life of a racehorse

This is the story of the racehorse, from arriving to winning the ultimate prize. Whilst its the complete story a racehorses career, it is not the compete story of the life of a horse, for most, it is like high school, just a taste of what life is. For…